Women’s Cushioned Merino Knee High Boot Sock

The PITTCH Luxury Knee High boot sock is made of 80% merino wool, known not only for its softness, but also its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The remaining 20% is made of nylon and elastane, thereby ensuring the sock is durable and stretchy. Another key point being the sock is slim-fitting, thereby providing support and comfort throughout the day.

These socks are perfect for outdoor activities where you need to keep your feet warm and dry, due to the fact that merino wool is naturally insulating.  Your feet will be warm even in the coldest temperatures. The sock’s breathability ensures your feet remain dry and comfortable during intense physical activity.

The PITTCH Luxury Knee High boot sock is also perfect for relaxing weekends. The slim-fitting design will stay firmly in place throughout the day, providing comfort and support. To top it all, the vibrant coloured stripes add a touch of style to your outfit, making it an essential sock for all occasions.

In conclusion, the PITTCH Luxury Knee High boot sock is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, comfortable, and stylish knee-high sock. With its slim-fitting design, 80% merino wool composition, and vibrant coloured stripes, this sock is perfect for any occasion.

  • Made in England
  • 80% Merino Wool, 19% Nylon, 1% Elastane
  • 4 eye catching colour ranges
  • Sizes 12.5-3.5, 3-5.5, 6-8.5, 7.5-9
  • Slim fitting
  • Arch and ankle support
  • Cushioned sole
  • Breathable, odour free, natural
  • Machine washable



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