About PITTCH Luxury Merino Wool Socks

PITTCH was founded in 2014 by Elisabeth Braddock, a talented fashion designer and producer with 25 years of commercial experience in the clothing industry, PITTCH provides a more versatile, durable, and sustainable sock. The idea originated when Elisabeth was living in New Zealand and needed a better solution to always having cold feet on her hardwood floors.

Wanting to create a sock made from natural fibres, pleasant to wear and affordable, and inspired by her environment, Elisabeth decided to use Merino wool exclusively. Her vision for the brand reflects her ethos of quality products, timely services and unwavering support for British manufacturing, reinforcing her belief in doing the right thing for her customers, British business and the environment. An ethical and creative brand, PITTCH’s mission is to provide the go-to Merino wool sock for those who value comfort, style and warm feet and are passionate about buying British.

The PITTCH range reflects Elisabeth’s childhood growing up in the country and her passion for all things natural, with her love of the colours and creativity that comes with stylised city life. Her approach to the materials she uses, her decision to use only British manufacturers and her commitment to providing nothing short of service excellence reflect her strong personal and business ethics and desire to make a difference.

Unlike some other wools, Merino is soft yet durable, isn’t itchy and can be spun to be incredibly fine, meaning Elisabeth can produce a wide range of socks for every activity, from a day on the golf course or meeting friends to horse riding and fishing. It’s also biodegradable and recyclable, and its natural anti-bacterial qualities mean you don’t need to wash PITTCH socks every time you wear them.

PITTCH Merino wool socks. The most comfortable socks you never knew you needed. Vibrant, versatile, and sustainably sourced, perfect for whatever you like to get up to, in town or the country.


Technical Features

Our sock ranges incorporate multiple technical features carefully chosen to ensure each range delivers comfort, practicality and durability, without compromising the look and vibrant colours of the Merino wool.